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28K to 32K, Academic Principal of High School International Department in Nanjing

Position description: Under the guidance of the school, this role is to operate and manage the whole International Department to make sure it runs smoothly and successfully.

General responsibilities:
A) Recognize international education philosophy, core values, and student development objectives of the school.
B) Take charge of the Department's teaching quality, curriculum planning, Chinese and foreign teachers' management.
C) Establish and improve teachers' teaching and students' academic evaluation systems.
D) Maintain education teaching resources of the school; maintain communication and cooperation with Chinese and foreign teaching faculty.
E) Promote the internationalization of teaching; control the quality of teaching and research; ensure the full-English teaching or bilingual language teaching outcomes.
F) Learn and introduce the advanced achievements of international education; improve the education and teaching of the school.
G) Perfect HR system; audit faculty training.
H) Hold and attend the meetings to discuss teaching plans, methods and other related academic matters.
I) Conduct English classes

1) Must be Native-Speakers of the English Language (i.e., USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).
2) Bachelor’s degree or above
3) Experienced in school/teaching management.

If you are interested in this job, please send your resume, photo, passport copy, degree copy and cert copy to, thanks! Look for more teaching opportunities:!