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School high school in Beijing
Position Economics / Chemistry+ Biology /English Literature/
Starting 2019-8-12
Salary 20-26 K pare tax
Housing 4k/ month
Benefits If sign 2 years’ contract, will have bonus of 1-2 months’ salary;
All holidays with salary (9 weeks);
Edu allowance for kids
Teaching Max. 22 lessons/ week
Notes Better one teacher can teach 2 subjects. (ask for JD)

School Private primary school in Changzhou, Jiangsu Prov.
Position ESL
Starting 2019-9-1
Salary 18-25 K pare tax
Housing free, with Wifi
Teaching Max. 12-15 lessons /week
Grade 3-6
Size 25 students
Notes At least 2 years teaching exp. One hour to Shanghai by train. Winter holiday with salary; Summer holiday without salary. (ask for JD)

School Private high school in Shi Jia Zhuang, Han Dan (2 cities)
Position ESL
Starting 2019-8-19
Salary 16-18 K pare tax
Housing free, or housing allowance
Teaching 20 lesson