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Fu Chou city Jiangxi province college teacher is needed in march

School requirements: native speakers, white. More than two years of teaching experience, under the age of 59. Monthly salary, bachelor's degree -- RMB 8, 000 before tax; Master's degree -- 12, 000 yuan before tax; Dr. RMB 12, 000 to 15, 000 before tax.

The average working time of foreign teachers is 16 class hours per week (400 class hours in a school year, the extra part will be calculated as 80 yuan before tax for each class hour), and 2 class hours (45 minutes +40 minutes). The monthly salary for one academic year is calculated as 10 months. Normal for march, September two starting point. Two bedrooms and one living room apartment (including air conditioner, TV, Internet cable, water heater, washing machine, microwave oven and basic kitchenware) are provided free of charge.

Salary: 8000 CNY to 15000 CNY Monthly
Work visa provided: No