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nternational Primary/Kindergarten Section - 35 hours per week,

This is a primary teaching position; you will stay with one class and work closely with a Chinese English co-teacher. You will work 35 hours a week, which comprises of class time and office time in which you will plan, have meetings, research and report.

Bilingual Primary / Kindergarten Section – 20 hours per week,no office time

In the bilingual section you have a more traditional TEFL Teacher role. You are required to work 20 hours a week and do not have set office hours. Classes can be 15 - 40 minutes (depending on the age of the children) and you will work with many different classes. In every class you will have the support of an English co-teacher.


Positive attitude
Ability to work well within a team
Professional work ethic 
Bachelors degree
2 years teaching experience
TEFL certification
Native English speaker

Competitive salary - 20 hour contracts starting from after tax12,000 RMB monthly, 35 hour contracts from after tax 16000.
On campus accommodation provided – accommodation is not shared and fully furnished to a western standard including TV, DVD player and wifi.
Airfare reimbursement of 10,800 RMB per year,
Professional development opportunities e.g IB certification, inhouse workshops
Z visa provided and paid for.