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Wanted: Principal for Kindergarten (Foreigner) - 5 positions (Starting
US$3375-$3750/m – NET)
- Overseeing the entire operations of the kindergarten
- Enrollment publicity
- Daily care and education
- Organization of major events
- Assessment of teachers
- Management of foreign teachers
- Cost control
- Other work arranged by the company
Benefits and Salary for Principals:
(1) Monthly salary will be RMB25000 to 30000 after taxation (depending on
(2) The two week winter holiday with one week pay, and summer holiday is 2
weeks with one week's salary.
(4) Annual bonus-RMB6000 according to the start date and your performance.
(5) Accident Insurance & Medical insurance for every employee
(1) The candidate must pass a health check, have no criminal record and hold a
bachelor's degree (Education Degree or Master is preferred).
(2) Principals in kinderga