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School Type: University
Location: Nanchong
Working Hours: Less than 16 hours/week
Sutdent Range: 19-22
Vacancies: 2

About Us

- Situated in the city of Nanchong, famously known as ' Silk City'
- Two campuses, the new one magnificently located, the old one has charming features, beautiful scenery
- Abundant teaching resources
- Excellent academic atmosphere
- School with a tradition of training and improving teachers
- Well-equipped for extra-curricular life, five dining halls, track and field stadium, gyms, courts and swimming pools
- Free accommodation
- Many overseas students, provides good cultural experience

City Introduction

Explore the famed ‘ Silk City’ of China, Nanchong, located in the northeast reaches of Sichuan. A city that combines the best of ancient and modern China, renowned for its textile industry. A place with a deep tradition and culture that possesses the high-qua